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Hansea's online depot offers an answer to all your questions

While a large part of the population has been at home for about a month and a half, we don't sit still at Hansea. More than 75% of our colleagues are still working. This was a big challenge for all of usfor both the management and our employees. That's why we set up a Hansea COVID task force from the moment measures were announced by the government, in order to monitor the government's communication as closely as possible. At Hansea we find it extremely important to keep up to date with everything that is related to our employees. To gauge this, we asked all our employees in April to fill out a COVID-19 Survey. This survey was a huge success. No less than 72% of our colleagues did their bit by completing this survey. This is proof of their commitment to Hansea. We are enormously grateful for that.

Thanks to the results of this survey, we were able to paint a good picture of their concerns and needs. We noticed that the communication and information was not always clear to everyone. That's why we created a new information website, In the future, this website will function as an online repository where we will provide all our employees with the most important updates and information. In this way, all employees will be informed in real-time and everyone will have the same information.   

By joining forces we were able to realize this in such a short time. Together with this online repository we provide more certainty in these uncertain times.   

Keep it safe and healthy!